Ways to Level Up In 2020


1. a career audit. You guys already know, I love this idea. If you follow the savvy young professional, you know that we actually have a career audit for you to use. And so this could be super easy. This could be just you sitting down with a piece of paper blank and saying, okay, what do I want to do with my career over the next year, over the next two years or the next five years? Or you could actually use our career audit, which is a little bit more in depth that it actually gets you the kind of thinking or you could just Google career audit and I’m sure you could find something that could spark you. But doing a career audit is just something that I think everyone should do. The end of the year is a great time to do it. I say try to do it at least twice a year, beginning year and mid year, but it’s about to be the end of the year and this is a great time to do it.

2. reward your team. This was on something that I thought about as far as like the new list, this second version of the list. And I say that because you might have to show your team that you appreciate them. I’m a firm believer that that should happen throughout the year. But you could do something like buying them lunch. You could do something like sitting down with each one of them and just letting them know how much you appreciated them and pinpointing something specific that they did in order to show appreciation to them and just say, Hey, thank you. I thank you for the contribution you had to our last sale. This is why it’s so important. You don’t have to necessarily buy anything or take your team anywhere. Sometimes people just want to hear the words. Thank you. So that’s one way to do it.

3. take your coworker to lunch. If you’re not in a leadership position, this actually is pretty easy to do and I say that because you want to build relationships with your coworkers. You never know where your coworkers may go. Move onto and it might be an opportunity for collaboration later. I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve worked with that are now in corporations and companies that I’d love to partner with or collaborate with or possibly do some sort of business with. So you want to build those relationships. Another thing that this might help is if you are in an entry level position and maybe you want to get to mid level, you might want to take your coworker out to lunch. Now that doesn’t mean that that’s your boss or somebody that is over you. This is somebody who is where you want to be. So for instance, if you’re the data entry person, you’re entry level and you want to move more up to strategy, you might take the lead strategist out to lunch and just kinda talk and get to know that person. Then their job a little bit better. That’s one way to level up. Number one, it builds relationship. Number two is going to build your knowledge base about that position and you just never know how that could help you in the future and people love to eat. So that is going to help you.

4. review your job description. This is a pretty simple idea, but especially if you’ve been working for an a job for about three years or more, we tend to not look back at our job descriptions, right? Like we start a job and the job morphs into something else over time. I know you all can relate to that. So you might want to go back and look at your job description and kind of see like what is it that I’m actually supposed to be doing and what am I doing right now that’s above and beyond that. You want to know how far you’ve come from the place where you started. And so reviewing your job description is also a great idea. And if there’s something in there that you feel like should be like, it should be updated, this is the perfect time to audit that and have a conversation with your superior or your boss and let them know, Hey, I think we might want to update this job description because you know, I’ve been doing this, this and this over the past couple of years. So reviewing your job description is a way to level up.

5. meet with a mentor. Now this is, if you have a mentor, this is easy. You call them up, you meet with them and you just, you know, talk and kind of get ideas on next steps or things that you might want to work on in 2020. If you don’t have a mentor, then this is the perfect time to find one. Kind of look around and see who is it that excites you, that motivates you, that inspires you. It does not have to be someone in your industry, but it should be someone who you think you would want to emulate and career-wise. And so it’s not always easy to find a mentor. We definitely have a podcast on mentorship if you look back at our archive and that should be able to help you. And I’ll try to link that in the show notes for you as well.

6. take a class. This is easy, especially with online. There are so many places that you could take classes. You could go to your local community college or university and take a continuing education class. You can take a class on UME. You could take a class on any online platform. Really, YouTube is the ultimate teacher and you can even build your own playlist to learn a new skill.

And this is the perfect time. It’s a little slow around this time of year, depending on what industry you work in. Retail, no, it’s not slow. But sometimes depending on what industry you work in, it’s a little bit slow. And so you can take some time to just take maybe like a class, take a Google class, take you know, maybe a Pinterest marketing class, things like that. That’s actually something that I’m currently doing right now. And I’m actually also in the middle of a digital marketer course on how to do some paid advertising. I mean, those days take me maybe, you know, 30 minutes out of my day. Every other day I tried to sit down and just watch a little bit of the class, take some notes and review the notes. Doesn’t take much time and it does not take a lot of money. So take a class and to add to that, I’m kind of going on about this one, but this closet, they have to be work related. It could just be something creative. Maybe you want to learn how to paint. Maybe you want to learn how to be a better photographer. It’s just something to get your brain moving and going into teach you something new. You always want to be learning and that is a big deal. If you ever want to succeed in your career, always be learning and taking on new information and skills.

7. update your resume. Nothing is fun about updating your resume in my opinion. I don’t, it’s just a lot. I’m even gonna lie to you. I don’t care. I don’t really like updating my resume. But if you are a writer, you love it, you just love to edit. Go ahead and do that right now. We can go years and I’m a guilty of it. I’m sure many of you are too without updating our resume and then we see that perfect job description or would we run into that person that’s like, Hey, I’m looking for this position and you’d be perfect. And then you end up having to go and update an old ass resume. So make sure to update it. And if you are lying to me and you don’t like to do it, just hire someone to do it. It might cost you a couple of hundred dollars or less depending on how you want the format, but it’s worth it and it’s always worth it to have a ready resume because you never know when your next opportunity will be or when you have an opportunity to be a thought leader on stage and somebody just might want your resume just to better introduce you.

8. interview your career crush. So this is a little bit different than a mentor. This is somebody who you’re looking at and you’re like, Oh, I would love that job. I would absolutely love to be the VP of sales and marketing for whole foods or something like that. I just made that up and try to see if you can reach out. Like I said, it’s depending on the industry that you’re in. It can be a little slow this time of year, so you might want to reach out to your career crush and say, Hey, can I interview you about your job? I just want to know more about what you do and how you got where you are. This is perfect. People love to talk about themselves. And so here’s another tip. If the person isn’t available because this is their busy time of year, go ahead and set up an appointment for a slower time of year. Just get it on the calendar. That way you know it will be done.

9. update your wardrobe. This is super easy. This isn’t something that takes a lot of effort. You actually can update your wardrobe for a pretty inexpensive price. It pretty easily, especially when the seasons change. So this is actually a time of year where you’ll see a lot more winter heavy stuff coming out. Summer, late summer stuff is going on sale. Go ahead and grab you some of that stuff. Or if you’re like one of those people who are always, you know, trying something new with their style and your work wardrobe. Just find a piece or something that’s uniquely you and start wearing that. So it could be a scarf or it could be a pin or something that you were fired from. And that’ll help you stand out for 2020 that people will recognize you and know who you are.

10. shadow your boss or your coworker. So this idea is super easy and really it’s just kind of like a day in the life. So maybe it’s your boss or it’s someone I say coworker because this could be somebody who you kind of see yourself in their position or you see yourself maybe working alongside in the future. And so just take a day and just kind of shadow them and ask them, Hey, would you mind if I, you know, tag along with you today as some of your meetings or, you know, do you mind if I kinda sit in in, in your day and see what you do? A lot of people would enjoy having a sidekick for the day, especially if they’re solo most of the time. And this just takes planning. This is something that you don’t want to go to work one day and be like, Hey, I’m going to follow you for the whole day because no one is going to like that. But this is something that you can plan to do and possibly put on the calendar and just shadow. It’s kind of like a live job shadow. I remember back in high school, we used to have these events where they would take us out and have a shadow people for the day. And I always wondered like why people don’t do that in their adulthood? I mean it’s okay if someone came to me and said, Hey, I want to see what you do for a day, I would have no problem with them shadowing me for a day. And I actually throw them a couple of projects just to get some help.

Stepping your game up can take just a few minutes per day. Keep an eye out for part 2 of this post!

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