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The secret behind a productive work week


A new job and a new life can be very distracting and destructive to a sleep schedule. Young professionals, in particular, can be sidetracked by so many interesting new hobbies or work projects. However, sleep deprivation is no light matter. It can degrade your health and your ability to focus. If it is severe enough people can start hallucinating and it is scientifically on par with being drunk. It is such a basic need that forgetting it can be rather easy. But, a lack of sleep combined with an intense work schedule can cascade in a disastrous manner. That isn’t something that anyone with sense would want. So a bit of prevention is typically in order.

Developing a routine and structure for managing your sleep is very important.

Setting the Scene for sleep.

Make it a full sensory experience that is positive. Soft sheets, soothing sounds, pleasant scents, and dim lighting create a lovely setting for sleep. Having a cup of tea or a soothing drink while listening to music or reading something relaxing set your mind to work on pleasant dreams.

Creating a holistic wake-up routine is pivotal as well. Use smart lighting to create an artificial dawn inside your bedroom. Only this time you can choose when the dawn is. If your morning routine isn’t positive you might start waking up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed. Not having to rush through breakfast is good as well. A little bit of preparation makes smoothies or muffins easy to have in the morning.

Sleep is important in a holistic sense. If you don’t have enough it can impact more than just one area of your life. The best manner to express this is that sleep is only one part of your life but will have interdisciplinary results. They will spill into all the other areas of your life. Lack of sleep impacts your cognitive processes, ability to focus, and sometimes the body’s ability to regulate mood as well as appetite. You can experience anxiety, depression and other negative problems pertaining to your mental state. You may be forgetful and have difficulty learning new concepts. This is the opposite of what is desirable at the beginning of your career. Physically it can cause accidents, weight gain, imbalance, and other negative physical consequences. In other words, if you are trying to present yourself as a polished competent professional then being sleep deprived is a very poor choice. As a young professional regardless of your specific career, you want to be a streamlined helpful model of efficiency and competence. And caffeine is no kind of substitute for a lack of sleep. Stimulants cannot alter the reality that a lack of sleep detrimentally impacts your central nervous system. In simple terms, there is no short cut for this problem.

It is well worth the time and effort involved to create a personalized approach to your sleeping habits. Crafting positive self-aware routines early on will doubtless be helpful later as you work on more challenging projects at home or at work.


Get your sleep YP’s!



Tanida Mullen

Tanida Mullen is the visionary of the Savvy Young Professional, a live event and digital learning platform built for young professionals around the world.

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