The Power of Picking Up the Phone


I was recently at a meeting and the facilitator was asking the audience what would be the next step they would do after attempting to contact a client 3 times. I sat and thought about that question  and even considered if was a trick question or something. As I scanned the room, I saw many faces looking as though they were in deep thought, I’m not sure what they were thinking but I could only come up with one logical solution to the question.

Pick up the phone. 

You see for me the real question was why would someone email a client 3 times? Thinking about the fast pace communication of today time it is apparent that email has replaced personal direct contact. We’ve forgotten the phone. Here are few advantages to picking up the phone.

  1. It saves space in you email box. I probably spend at least 30% of my day sifting though irrelevant emails. if there are more that two emails required to convey one message, its time to pick up the phone and give your inbox a break.
  1. It sends clear communication. Some people say if you send and email with a smile, it helps to convey a pleasant attitude in your message, that may or may not be true but one thing is for sure, if you pick of the phone and call someone while you’re in a good mood, there is no mistaking that your great attitude will come across on the phone.
  1. It shows that you care. Email is a very impersonal form of communication. picking up the phone in touch situations shows that you care enough about the person to skip the send button and take the time to call. showing your undivided attention on a phone call could make a huge difference in most situations.

When your feeling a bit of fatigue at work ask your self one question. How can picking up the phone help move some of your projects along?


Tanida Mullen

Tanida Mullen is the visionary of the Savvy Young Professional, a live event and digital learning platform built for young professionals around the world.

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