Help, My Boss Hates Me!



We all aim to have fantastic managers who will help us feel valued and succeed. Such types of bosses that are of great help to their workers are the kind that is rare to find unless in an ideal world. 

Unfortunately, the type of bosses we come across are those that show favoritism to a few people, have anger management problems, are workplace bullies, and even incompetent. However, you will still bear their situation and ensure your job is done.

If your boss hates you, to help out, consider this advice for dealing with bad bosses:

● Never Avoid Your Bosses

It is tough to avoid meeting with your bosses. You might think the best way is to change your patterns to avoid meeting with them. For example, you adjust your time to avoid meeting at the coffee machines or avoid sitting close to them during meetings. 

It will come a time for them to wonder why you keep avoiding them. It gives them room to ask themselves some questions. For example, are you completing your work? Is there something you’re hiding? Therefore, the best way to deal with such bosses is facing them without fear.

● Complement Your Boss

If you compliment your boss, but in the right manner, it will go along way. It does not have to sound obvious, but knowing your boss doesn’t like you; there is nothing wrong with it. However, your complement must be professional. 

On the other hand, avoid personal compliments such as attire or appearance. Always stick to work-related but straightforward topics such as “great job on your presentation.” Also, avoid making up compliments. Consider those things that will genuinely show appreciation. For example, The monthly report looks great, or Thanks for ordering lunch for the team, that restaurant was a great choice. 


● Avoid Leaving Early

If you are around a boss whom you believe that he or she doesn’t like you, it will be instinctual to leave. When your boss doesn’t like you, you will easily get excuses. Something common is ” I want to beat the traffic” as a continent way of justification.

So, when you leave early for you to be away from your boss won’t give you any points. Sometimes, the boss will not understand the reason for you to leave early, but in their mind, they might think it’s because you’re shirking your job. Therefore, that will make you sink in their esteem. ● Set Boundaries

If you are working with your boss, but without boundaries, it is necessary to set them. A significant challenge for unlikable people is that they also have unlikable behavior. So, learning how to distance yourself is a great way to avoid their unlikable behaviors.


It is hard to handle bad bosses, especially when they openly show you that they don’t like you.  However, the best way out is to avoid such bosses in the future. If you get an interview with a new company, conduct research to ensure you won’t get yourself in a situation of not having an ideal boss. 

A great way to learn about the manager is asking one of the staff for lunch or a cup of coffee. Your aim in that meeting is generally to learn about the company’s information and culture. The opportunity you get with one of the staff will give you a great chance to discover the behaviors of your future boss without being creepy.


Tanida Mullen

Tanida Mullen is the visionary of the Savvy Young Professional, a live event and digital learning platform built for young professionals around the world.

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