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Follow Up Business Cards

The one networking tip that can make you some serious cash.

Have you ever been given a piece of advice that was so different that it made you question everything you already do? Well, this one thing we suggest for stepping you’re networking game up is going to make you think twice for sure! Now, just a little prep work and a few assumptions before we dive into things. Networking is work. For some, networking is dreadful but we will address that at another time.

For the most part, networking is work if you really know what you’re doing. Going to a meeting or special event to just “hang out” is not networking and if that’s what you think networking is, this tactic will not work for you. I’m going to go ahead and say that if you’ve read this far, you are serious about the idea of making connections for the goal of doing business and building relationships.

The one thing that can help you step your game up at a networking event is to leave your business cards at home.

Let’s explore this idea. Most people never leave home without their business cards right? Well, I honestly can say that I am known to leave my business cards somewhere that I can’t access when I “need them most”. However, leaving my business card has been the one thing that has helped me build relationships and better business connections. Why? Quite honestly, if forces the followup. Instead of the same old “you hand me your business card,” I hand you mine and we continue like we’ve never met each other routine. It usually goes something like this,

“Do you have a card?”
“Oh you know what, I left them on my desk.”
“Oh I hate when I do that.”
“Well, let me get your card and I will follow up, I’m the queen of following up so you’ll hear from me within the next few days.
“Okay perfect, looking forward to it.”

Taking a look a this conversation, there are a few power points I want you to note.


Everyone has left their cards behind at some point, so right there we are connecting on an issue that has happened to us both

Establishing Experience

“I’m excellent at follow up” it’s letting them know I take meeting you seriously and no matter what you’ll hear from me because I’m a person of my word.

Looking Forward To It

Now you’ve got their attention instead of exchanging cards and calling them when you need them. You have now set up an instant relationship builder because now you MUST follow up, they’re “looking forward to it”.

Now that you have the basics of how this works, I want you to know that this is not something you want to use all the time. This is something that you should try if you’ve forgotten your business cards or you are looking to practice the art of followup. Once you get this down, you’ll know exactly how to follow up even with the traditional business card exchange.


Tanida Mullen

Tanida Mullen is the visionary of the Savvy Young Professional, a live event and digital learning platform built for young professionals around the world.

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