End 2017 Like A Boss


End 2017 Like A Boss

2017 has flown by and here we are near the end of  another year. I can’t believe that it’s almost time for goblins, turkeys and elves. Where has the time gone? Since we can’t change the past, we have to rock out this last quarter! Here are 4 Next Level Strategies to end this year with a win!

  1. Audit The Last 12 Months. This is important not because we want you to cry about all the things you didn’t do, but to take a look back at the year and help you identify areas of opportunity. Pick on patterns and habits that led to success and habits that may have held you back a little. Once you’ve identified those patterns, planning in the last quarter will be a breeze!

Key questions

• What do I have a habit of doing when things get tough?

• What are the areas where I lack skill?

• What are the things that excite me?

• What are the areas that are easy for me to navigate? 

  1. Set Realistic Goals. Ask yourself, what can I realistically accomplish (based on my audit) in the next 365 days? Set your goals based on your current resources, energy, and time. Running a half marathon when you haven’t walked a mile in 9 months, is a no, it doesn’t make sense! However, entering your local 5K charity walk is a little more logical! if you need a little more guidance on this, check out the SMART (link to smart goals on SYP Pinterest page) goals process.

Key Questions

• How much time would it take to achieve this goal based on the skill I have right now?

• Who do I know thats an expert in this area?

• On a scale of 1-10, where do I fall?

• What is one daily/weekly action that can help me achieve this goal in 90 days or less?

  1. Pick A Mantra. This is going to help you during the next few weeks. Your mantra is your “go-to statement” that will keep you going throughout the quarter. Make sure you put this in a place that you will see daily, the lock screen on your phone, the background on your desktop, your car dashboard, wherever you look the most!

Key Questions

• Who is my favorite though leader?

• What do I need to remind myself of daily?

• What works and thoughts excite and motive me

• Where do I look, and operate daily?

  1. Find An Accountability Buddy. Once you get all of your plans on paper (a must do), make a copy and give it to a friend. This friend will be your accountability partner. Make sure your accountability partner is one who will be honest and hold you accountable for the things you have on your list. The friend that says ‘it’s ok, you can work out tomorrow” is probably not the best choice for the job.

Key Questions

• Who do I know that will be honest with me (even if I’m wrong)?

• Who can commit to weekly phone chats?

• Who has an interest in my success ?

• Who can I trust with my goals ?

You have 90 days to make 2017 your best year!

Start strong, finish stronger!


Tanida Mullen

Tanida Mullen is the visionary of the Savvy Young Professional, a live event and digital learning platform built for young professionals around the world.

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