Are You Too Entrepreneurial for Your Job


It’s your first month on the job, you’ve learned the ropes. the who’s who and all the policies and procedures. Your have a sparkle in your eye and you just can’t wait to “turn things around”.

BUT there’s a problem. Not one person can see your vision of the new fresh culture that you’ve played in your head over and over.

Does this story sound familiar? Do you feel trapped in your cubicle and duped into a world of same thing different day? no worries we’ve got your back. Here are 3 ways to turn your entrepreneurial spirit to fit in the corporate world.

Set a plan based on what’s actually going on

what seems to happen with most entrepreneurial types is that in the office we tend to look at things far in the future without taking into account the company’s past. While there is certainly nothing wrong with big picture thinking, in a corporate situation you must take into account all the stakeholders. make bite sized goals and connect with co-workers to get them on board before you take the team on your business road trip. remember it always takes just a little  longer to get to your destination when you have a few passengers in the car. 😉  (can I get some love for that epic car & road trip along? Just saying…)

Look for opportunities to show the advantages of the entrepreneurial mindset

In most organizations, employers are looking for people who can bring several skill sets to the table. Today’s workforce has changed so much that gone are the days of being just the “best sales person” with a lean business mentality being the new norm, the more entrepreneurial folks are getting all the corporate love theses days. If this is you, take advantage by jumping on several projects. Have Photoshop skills? volunteer to help the marketing team with creative on the next campaign. Numbers geek? Roll down to finance and ask them if they need a pair of extra hands over lunch. Having several skill sets is something that your employer will appreciate. Show them how you can be an asset in more ways that one. Yes, I can see it now employee of the year looks good on you.

Do a job audit to make sure the business is entrepreneur friendly.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stats before that we spend one-third of our life working. Yikes! With that much time on the books, it’s important that we the place we call our second home is one that we care about. To find out if your job is a place for the entrepreneurial spirit, write down the aspects of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and benchmark those against your current situation. For example if flexibility is schedule is important, take a long look at the policy & culture of your 9-5. Do you have to be in a 9am sharp no excuse or does your boss just want you to get your 40 hours in no matter how you do it. Comparing your job to the most desired parts of entrepreneurship should let you know fairly quickly if you should stay or leave the nest.


Tanida Mullen

Tanida Mullen is the visionary of the Savvy Young Professional, a live event and digital learning platform built for young professionals around the world.

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