Rock Your Next Presentation

Rock Your Next Presentation

Rock Your Next Presentation

So you have a presentation and you need to make an impact. While there are many ways to present information that sticks, here are a few tips to make sure your presentation is one to remember.

Ditch The Podium

One way to really get people to remember your talk, is to use the stage or room to your advantage. When delivering a talk, walk around the room strategically to connect with your audience. Make eye contact as you move around the room, this will help you connect with your audience while keeping their attention. While the podium may seem all presidential, unless you are actually the president of a country (yes I mean an actual country), relying on the podium especially while trying to get your audience to connect with you, is the fastest way to send them to la la land.

Memorize Your Main Ideas 

Powerpoint can be a great tool, but it also can serve as a barrier between you and your audience. Try getting rid of the powerpoint and talking to your audience like if you were chatting with a friend. If you’re not ready to ditch the powerpoint just yet, try tweaking your presentation with slides that include as few words as possible. Rely on visuals instead of text to help your audience connect with your main idea. For example, if you’re trying to explain the outcome of a project, instead of using text to explain the process, try finding photos that show the before and after of the project.

Involve Your Audience

Polling the audience using an icebreaker, or even adding a Q&A session to your talk can help your audience connect to your message in a real way. By using different forms of communication during your presentation, you can connect with people who learn in different ways, furthermore making your ideas stick! Studies show that changing the learning environment every 20 minutes will keep adult learners engaged during a training session or presentation.

Presentations can be fun and very valuable, but that’s all up to the presenter, take a few of these tips and ROCK your next presentation!

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