How to Fire a Client

When To Fire Your Client | The Savvy YP
How to Fire a Client
Are you tossing and turning at night? Can’t sleep because you keep thinking about stressful situations? If this is you, it might be time for a break up. Yes! I’m talking about breaking up with your client.
Seems strange because we have been taught for so many years that the customer is always right, right?
WRONG. Personally, I wish we would get rid of this phrase and kick it into space where it belongs. The reality is that business relationships are just like any other relationship, it takes work and both parties should be happy whilst gaining equal benefits. So how do you know when its time to fire a client? Here are a few ways you can tell.
  1. You spend most of your time defending instead of helping. If the majority of your conversations involve you explaining over and over the same concepts or ideas all the while your client is not listening or even aware of what you’re talking about, you might have a problem. There will be times where you and your client might not be on the same page, but if this is happening at every corner and you find yourself on the defense constantly, then it might be time for you to fire a client.
  1. You can’t provide the service. It may be hard to admit that you in fact don’t know everything there possibly is to know about well.. everything. If you have great communication with your client but his/her idea of their project is way beyond your scope of ability, it might be time for you to let your client go. The worst thing you could do is promise a castle and deliver a hut. Besides adding unneeded stress to your life you could run the risk of losing your client due to them being unsatisfied and that could lead to bad word of mouth. Do yourself and your client a favor and help them to find someone who could better serve them.
  1. There is little to no movement on the project. Some might think the perfect client is the one that pays in full and lets you work. Seem easy enough right? Well, it might not be that simple. It’s true that money can act as a motivator but there are times when even after all invoices have been paid, you still can’t get your client on the phone or get them to answer an email. Slow moving clients even paid in full, still take up mental space. If its been too long since you’ve been able to catch up with your client for pressing issues, then it might be time to fire a client. Free up that mental space to work with clients that are motivated to move projects in a timely matter.
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