How to get Raise


7 way to get the raise

Dress for the job you want

This is simple, but so very essential. If you want the C-suite job you have to dress for the part. Even if you work in the mail room, it is important that you look ready to take a promotion at a moments notice.

Take inventory

The best time to rework your résumé is when you are gearing up to ask for a raise. sit down, grab a notebook and write down all the things you have learned in your current position. Add all of you new skills to your résumé and make sure to highlight your newest skills first

Act now ask later

When you think your ready for a raise start to take on a little more responsibility around the workplace, the trick to this is to make sure you do this without someone having to ask you. when its time for you to ask for more mula your boss will be more than ready to sign a bigger paycheck.

Work the numbers

On mistake that many people make when asking for a raise is that they, well ask for a raise. when taking the big step  to ask for more money its a must that you have an idea of exactly how much you want. work the numbers to figure out how much you need to ask for and be sure that it is an actual dollar amount or percentage.

Start with why

When you ask for more money, you will be met with many questions, the first being “why?” to make the conversation end on a good note, be ready to explain why your time and skills are worth more money than you are getting.

Make it comfortable

When setting up a meeting to ask for more money location is very important.You want to make sure that the decision maker is in their comfort zone.  Ask yourself what type of setting would be comfortable for your boss. Does he or she hate formal meetings? invite them to their favorite restaurant to talk business. If your boss is the type that loves structure and formalities inviting him out to a sports bar to talk numbers might not be the best idea.

Prepare for the NO

So you do all of this work and then your boss tells you No. You could look at this as a fail but the reality is that getting a no the first time can work to your advantage. If you boss gives you a no ask them to explain to you what you could do to get a raise, another question you might as is are their any skill, or education that you could acquire to get a yes in the future. Getting a no opens up opportunity to get play by-play instructions on how to get a yes the next time around.


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