5 Unconventional Ways to Level Up in 2016

5 Uncoventional Ways to Level Up in 2016

5 Unconventional Ways to Level Up in 2016 

Around this time of year, scrolling down your FB feed you will see many people talking about the New Year and throwing around phrases like “New year, new me”, “next year will be MY year” and so many others that I’m sure we can talk about in the comments section.

While I think it’s great that we look to the new year with such a positive attitude, it can be really easy to get stuck in the perpetual cycle of all talk and little action.

Here are 5 unconventional ways to help you really level up in the New Year.

Throw a Goal Party

I know this sounds a tad bit crazy BUT hear me out. Studies show that one sure-fire way to meet a goal is set it and share it. Invite a few friends over, throw some Velveeta in the crock pot and challenge each other to share each one’s 2016 goals.

Once all goals are on the table make one big chart aligning each person with their goal. Make copies and share with your attendees! BOOM! Instant mastermind and accountability group. Oh and yay for chip and queso!

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Cash is King

Want to get that promotion, lose that last 50 lbs, or finally write that novel? One way to make sure you are getting your goals in gear is to put some cold hard cash behind it.

Most people can’t stand to part ways with the benjamins so making an investment in yourself can help to get things moving.

Paying out-of-pocket for an industry conference, or coughing up $400 for personal training, just might be the thing that takes you from all talk to big action.

Break It Down Now

No, I’m not talking about you and your version of the whip and nae nae (let’s just hope that dance stays in 2015). I’m talking about you taking the long list of 2016 goals and setting quarterly goals.

Why quarterly? Quarterly goals help to one, narrow down the list of things you want to accomplish and give your goals some room to grow. Take your huge list of 2016 goals pick ONLY 4 and assign each goal a quarter of the year. For each quarter focus on only ONE goal and by the end of the year you’ll be the grill master, photojournalists, book writing, DIY queen you always wanted to be. Wait, those may or may not be my goals.

Be an Apprentice

Whats better than YouTube? Well honestly, not too much when it comes to learning almost anything in the world, but before YouTube there were apprenticeships.

Yes, instead of loading up your playlist with tons of videos of how to make Ironman cupcakes, people would actually work under a baker for months at a time and learn the craft under the supervision of a seasoned professional.

If you really want to fast track your success find someone who is where you want to be and ask if you could work for them for about 3 months. An apprenticeship will not only help you level up faster it will also be an instant boost to you network.

Check Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself

The first day and month of a new year is so exciting. after coming down from turkey and ham heaven, we see the new year as a fresh start. The air is crisp, we have a fresh new calendar and with all of our favorite shows on winter break we actually have time to make plans and take a look at life. With all that said, we tend to make huge goals for the year and forget to add a check in date. once you made and set your quarterly goals, ad a check in date to sit down and evaluate where you are mid-year. if you need more that one it’s okay to schedule several (especially if there’s wine involved).

2016 can be the best year for you. Don’t forget you have a huge part in that success! Use this tips and I’ll check in with you soon to see where you are with your BIG plans!

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