3 Phrases for Better Communication

3 Phrases for Better Communication
3 Phrases for Better Communication
Getting your point across can be tough at times, especially when dealing with people who might have a completely different agenda than the one you have. Here are 3 phases that might help to better communication in a tough situation.
1. “What are your thoughts?”
Asking a person their thoughts on a particular subject causes them to take time to reflect for just a second. The phrase is not only one that shows you value the opinion of others, it’s also a phrase that can help to ease tension when discussing a tough topic.
2. “This is what I hear.”
Clear communication is the key to any successful conversation. When it’s your turn to listen, make sure to really pay attention to what your colleague is saying. When you get the cue to respond, start with “this is what I heard you say”. This phrase lets people know that you were listening and it also serves as an opportunity for you to be clear on your interpretation of the message.
3.”What are the next steps?”
All thoughts and ideas are out, and each person has had his or her turn on the floor. To make sure that there is progress on the ideas and thoughts discussed at the meeting, make sure to end the conversation by asking what the next steps will be. This phrase will help in making sure that action can accompany the ideas discussed.
Being conscious of what your saying when you’re communicating with others can make a huge difference. Try a few of these phrases for better communication the next time you’re in a meeting and see how it takes your conversation to the next level.
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